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It is a service that turns Spotify plays into a receipt style and allows users to more easily share them on social media, similar to Melody You album receipts. Top Track Generator hosted by HerokuApp has seen a resurgence in popularity lately. You can use the app to explore the possibilities of Spotify Receiptify.Receiptify

Users can subscribe to the music service of their choice and select a time period (one month ago, six months ago, or forever). Google Receiptify will create a personalized receipt based on the music’s listening history.

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What Is Receiptify For Spotify?

Receiptify generates lists of listeners’ top leads and converts them into a polished, realistic receipt format. Users can choose from three time periods: all-time favorite tracks, last six months, and just the previous month. This allows people to compare their listening habits over different periods and with each other.

If you need an OU to prove your mastery of music taste, Receiptify is here to provide the proof. Receiptify has grown in popularity, allowing users to showcase their music tastes in unusual ways by scanning their best songs and formatting them into a receipt-like screenshot.


The process is straightforward. The site first asks you to plug in your Spotify, which allows you to create a legitimate crumpled receipt consisting of your top songs from the last month, six months, or all time.

Spotify is the best music streaming service, ahead of YouTube Music or Apple Music. It offers millions of songs divided by genres, and you can even find personalized playlists based on moods or daily activities. However, to access a Spotify account, you must have a strong password to prevent anyone from accessing it. It’s a straightforward process to change passwords on Spotify that only takes a few minutes, but you need to do it regularly to protect your account. As such, in this guide, we will demonstrate how to change Spotify passwords.

How do I get Receiptify on Spotify?

Press the prompt button and complete the registration process. After that, you can choose which receipt you want to see: your best tracks from the last month, the previous six months, or all-time. The site then generates a receipt listing the most played songs from that period.

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