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Our daily lives are overloaded with recipes: lunch, dinner, shopping, clothes, and a simple coffee at the bar. It is important to note that many people may not realize that their musical activities can also be recorded and stored. The idea behind Receiptify is an online receipt with the most played tracks on major music platforms like Spotify.

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Have you ever thought about tracking the top songs you listen to most on Spotify? Receipt allows you to provide a monthly list of most played songs that look like a receipt (contains a photo of a receipt). The purpose of this guide is to explain how to use Receiptify to get receipts for your top Spotify music tracks.

Get Receipts For Your Most Played Songs On Spotify

The process of downloading Spotify receipts is simple, but you must log in to your Spotify account in order to do so. Here are the steps:


  • Access the Receiptify website: First, access the Receiptify website in your mobile browser.
  • Log in to Spotify or Apple Music: In the options on the screen, click the green button to log in to your Spotify account. Important note: In Safari, you must disable pop-ups to open them (Settings > Safari > Block Pop-ups).
  • Select the period you want to see the reception for. By logging in to Spotify; you can see the reception of the most listened to songs in three categories: hourly; last six months (last six months), and last month (last month). Choose what you want and click on it.
  • Click Download Image: To download your Receiptify receipt, click the blue Download Image button and download it to your phone.
  • iPhone Download Details: To save the image from the gallery, you need to tap to download the image file, navigate to the Downloads folder in the Files app, open the image, select the Share button, and click “Save Image.” in the photo gallery.