Using Receiptify

Music Lovers Share Their Favorite Music With Others Wrapped up is one of the most anticipated music exchange events that Spotify course artists have attended throughout the year as top music listeners and watched year-round.


Every year we go crazy for the bundled Spotify that reveals your streaming habits throughout the year. I don’t understand why we need to wait until the end of the year to realize there is a lot of talk about “WAP”? A new website, Receiptify, turns your most-played tracks into an Instagram-worthy shopping receipt.

How To Use Receiptify?

To use Receiptify, first visit the Receiptify website. The website will ask you to log in with your Spotify account. Press the prompt button and complete the registration process.

After that, you can choose which receipt you want to see: your best tracks from the last month, the last six months, or all-time. The site then generates a receipt listing the most played songs from that period.

  • First, you need to go to the receiving site and login to Spotify. To proceed, you must read and accept the terms that appear below.
  • You will now see that you can generate receipts for your top 10 titles for the month, six months, or all time.
  • Click “Get Image” and your personalized receipt will be downloaded directly to your device, ready to share with your friends. If you choose a particular song, then our company cannot be held liable for any financial loss you may suffer.


What is the best way to share this on social media?

Many users who used the Receiptify website shared their receipts on social media. To do this, just scroll down to the bottom of the receipt on the Receiptify website and you’ll see a button that says “Get Image”. Press this button and it will automatically download to the device you are using. From there, you can share it on social media like any other image.